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Our commitment

  • To develop projects to combat and control infectious diseases in the third and first world.

  • To provide specific training for health professionals and non health professionals in Infectious, Tropical and Zoonose diseases.

  • To do basic, clinical and epidemiological research of these diseases in third and first world countries.

  • To establish a network of telemedicine, infectious diseases specialists, dermatological therapeutics and diagnostic support for professionals working in countries with lack of resources.

  • To cooperate and establish agreements with laboratories, clinics and formational referral centers, and to give international support for the diagnosis and treatment of these pathologies.

  • To develop outreach and social awareness through campaigns, talks, exhibitions etc.

  • To excite, motivate, educate and give hope.

" All we are is the result of what we have thought, we are founded on our thoughts and made of our thoughts ".

International Infectious Diseases Organization

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