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Open Fracture Study


Aim of the study
To find out associations between the development of infection:

  • Time from injury to initial debridement
  • The time to administration of antibiotics, type and duration of the antibiotic treatment
  • Time to surgical debridement
  • Time to definitive closure of the wound

  • Question blocks:

    1. Epidemiologic data
    To document and provide with a data base regarding the patients who present with open fractures in Notre Dame de la Santé Hospital. To find out the causes of open fractures. To document time from injury and degree and pattern of delayed presentations.

    2. General condition of the patient
    Incidence of associated conditions in patients presenting with open fractures

    3. Infection
    Infection rate of open fractures treated in Notre Dame de la Santé Hospital

    4. Initial management in A&E.

    5. Delayed presentations
    Incidence of delayed presentations of open fractures , and the causes of the delay, as well as to find out the behavioural pattern of the population in Cameroon regarding the use of modern vs traditional medicine in the case of open fractures .

    6. Treatment outcomes
    Incidence of complications.


  • Antimicrobial-Resistant Bacteria in Infected Wounds, Ghana, 2014. Emerging Infectious Diseases. Vol. 24, No. 5, May 2018.

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